Is time a problem for you? Never seem to have enough time to do certain things? At Shadow Industries we know how valuable your time is, so why not use our services to update all of your old photographs into Digital. We convert your Photographs, Slides and Negatives to Digital Images. Shadow Industries can also create specialised Slideshows for you.We also convert VHS Video and other Video Formats to DVD.

 Why use Shadow Industries?

Shadow Industries are local to the Macarthur area, located in Sydney and we are proudly Australian owned and operated!

We specialise in taking your old Photographs, Scanning them and Converting them into a Digital Photographs. We have a Professional approach to our Customers, and always offer customer satisfaction. You won’t be disappointed using our services.  We also offer a free pick-up and delivery service. (dependant upon your location)

For Interstate or International Customers we offer a mail order type system, You Mail us your photographs,Slides, Negatives ETC and we send them back Via Certified Mail.


Please Note: We can only duplicate material that YOU own the copyright for. For Example If It is a recorded Television program or a copy of a commercially released Video, we are unable to offer you our services because of breach of copyright. If however it is Home Video’s that you would like us to convert, this is no problem because legally you are the copyright owner.









Why have your photographs scanned?

All film based images like prints, slides and negatives will deteriorate over time, their colours will fade, they become damaged, scratched or attract mould, eventually the images are beyond preserving. The great advantage of the Digital Image is that it will NOT degrade or loose quality when copied. This type of Preservation will keep your Photographs stable for yourself to enjoy and future generations as well. You can also store your memories off site so that if a tragedy occurs such as fire or flooding you have peace of mind that decades of Family Photographs are recoverable.

Below are examples of Photographs which we have corrected. Red eye is a common problem in photographs and we correct this problem all as part of our service.There is also an example of a 30 year old picture which has been Scanned and the Colour Corrected, as you can see the difference is Remarkable, all these types of Corrections are all part of our Services to you.














Our businesses tagline: ”From Past to Present!” Has two meanings, first of all we offer Conversion of photographs, slides and negatives to digital images. This is a form of modernising the Past to the Present day. The second meaning is for the excellent Slideshows that we create, meaning the Photographs have been made Digital and can also be made into unforgettable slideshows that make a great present to friends and relatives.

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